Because of the special needs of our customers, GBS Building Supply maintains a large inventory of architectural millwork in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. Each item is carefully selected to offer flexibility and quality that will result in an attractive, durable product. A variety of other products can be crafted with the use of standard stock items that are also available at the GBS Millwork Specialty Center. When used in combination with a customer’s patterns and measurements, these standard round tops, ovals, half-rounds and quarter-rounds, transoms, octagons, palladians and columns create that special high quality look of custom millwork.

The GBS Advantage

  • In-house door and window shop staffed by experienced professionals.

  • GBS will work with your design to create a custom look that fits your lifestyle.

  • Let GBS be your resource for those "hard to find" specialty items.

  • Vast assortment of stock and custom moulding patterns available.


The GBS Building Supply Millwork Specialty Center can help you enhance the appearance of your project... and still be affordable.


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