Decking & Railing


GBS Building Supply provides a wide range of alternatives for your decking, railing and fencing needs, from treated lumber and 100% vinyl systems to composites and 100% exotic hardwoods.  However, the commonality of them is simple.  They all share beauty and durability, sure to increase the value of any home.

Treated Lumber

Treated lumber is lumber or plywood that has been pressure-impregnated with a preservative that makes it resistant to attack by termites and the fungi that cause decay.  It has significant advantages over alternative building products:

  • Uses a renewable, energy-efficient resource

  • Easily worked with common tools

  • Clean-to-the-touch

  • Strong for its weight

  • Naturally attractive

  • Resilient, versatile, economical, easy to repair or modify if necessary

  • Saves trees


Vinyl Systems

GBS Building Supply is a supplier of high quality vinyl fencing, railing and other maintenance-free solutions. 100% vinyl systems won't yellow, rot, crack, peel, or splinter.  It is maintenance-free and never needs painting.


Guardian DeckingFastenmaster

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